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Our vision is to provide a home to sincere 9/11 researchers free from biased moderation and abusive tirades from other members.

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Moderation Policy

Moderation Policy

Postby Administrator » Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:10 pm

Since our aim is to restrict membership to sincere researchers, it is expected that our members will be serious enough to avoid the need for constant supervision. Consequently, adherence to the forum guidelines is expected to be monitored primarily by the membership. It is every member’s responsibility to notify the Moderation Team of perceived infractions. The Moderation Team will be comprised of a balanced mix (in terms of creed) of reliable members. If you are interested in being a moderator, send a PM to any moderator.

To request moderator action or report infractions, start a new topic on the Administrative Issues forum with the Subject “Request for Moderator Action”. Include a description of your request (e.g. “Report abusive behavior” or “Request split”) and a link to the relevant post or topic. You can copy a link to an individual post by right clicking on the page icon in the post header. Any moderator actions will be documented on the “Request” topic as necessary, such as motivations for warnings and a suggestion for how to avoid warnings in the future. Offending posts may be edited by the moderator and will include a warning if one is given. Warnings will also be sent as a PM to the offending member.

The Moderation Team will do its best to respond to requests in a timely manner. However, if another member is getting out of hand, politely remind them of the guidelines and that we all have the responsibility to report such behavior. If they don’t cool down, take a time out yourself and wait for actions from Moderation Team.

Moderators will have the authority to give warnings. Members receiving three warnings will be suspended for two weeks. Two additional warnings may result in revocation of member privileges. Revocation of member privileges will require a majority vote by the Moderation Team.
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