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WTC7 Fires and Water

Analysis of fire and collapse theories and examination of related evidence.

WTC7 Fires and Water

Postby kawika » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:42 pm

Plenty has been written about the lack of water to fight fires in WTC7, but there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Here is a picture showing hoses still fat laying in the street after the vehicle fires have been extinguished just one block north of WTC7.

Click for full size image

The narrative says that they began at Park Place (one block north of Barclay) and worked down West Broadway to Vesey. This took place very early, between 11 am and 12:00pm. We know they could get into the building at that time because they rescued Jennings and Hess right after noon.

This means they went right past the siamese coupler at the East entrance to WTC7. They could have easily stretched into the standpipe system and sent water up into the building for hand lines.
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