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Tony Szamboti - Errors, Lies and Distortions

Discussion of the truth movement organizations and their leadership and as well as leading critics and opposing organizations.

Tony Szamboti - Errors, Lies and Distortions

Postby femr2 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:35 pm

Over the last few years, Tony Szamboti has been provided with almost endless advice, detailed correction, step-by-step instruction and volumous data proving major, and terminal, issues with his ever-changing theories and beliefs concerning the motion and behaviour of WTC1 during the few seconds following release, and other areas.

It is clear (and has been for years) that Tony simply chooses to ignore and reject information provided to him which does not support his chosen position, regardless of how utterly blatant and ridiculous it is to do such.

When Tony reaches a point within discussion which involves elements of his position being shown to be false it can be seen, repeatedly, that his decision process is to abandon that particular thread for an extended period of time, or altogether.

A period of time after such escapism it can be shown that Tony wil re-appear on some other thread, or some other forum, stating, as fact, the very same list of utter falsehoods.

Tony does know where he is in error, and simply chooses to pretend that he is not.

As Tony is still unfortunately paraded as some kind of qualified authority in such discussions, this thread will be used as a container to record instances where it can be proven that Tony is either:

a) Wrong.
b) Ignoring valid information.
c) Distorting and maniputating information.
d) Lying through his teeth.

Both ongoing and historical instances are welcome, though it would be helpful if time is spent creating "fully formed" posts, addressing a particular point in full, rather than any to-and-fro type discussion.

Hopefully it will result in time savings later, such that individuals who support Tony's wandering position and false assertions can simply be directed to resources housed here to gain full understanding of Tony's true behaviour, intent and blatant lies.

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