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Postby OneWhiteEye » Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:34 am

There is a new tracking service here at the forum. You may notice as you open a link the window or tab will briefly show "Api.Viglink' in the address before going to the link you wanted. Or it may not go to the link you wanted at all.

I just posted this in the FreeForums support forum, but it won't matter:

I know you guys need to make money. But you need to know your latest tracking system, Viglink, is not only spyware but is crapware. A good share of the time it fails to redirect to the underlying link, leaving "Internet Explorer cannot find the web page" with "" in the address bar.

Spying is one thing, and quite frankly repulsive. I used to pay to remove ads. Now I don't because even paying money to FreeForums does not get the tracking monkeys off one's back. But I'm used to it. Whatever.

But, for goodness sakes, how hard is it to redirect a link??? This is monumental incompetence. You should drop your partnership with Api.Viglink because they suck, and because they suck, you're not providing full forum service anymore. Period.

Spy on the links I try to open, but at least open them!!!

Which explains the situation pretty well.

The two offenders are and I think the first one is the one to put in your hosts file or ad blocker, maybe both. I'll see.

ANSWER: Both. also, for good measure.
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