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Portland surveillance

Evaluation of the investigations, findings and recommendations.

Portland surveillance

Postby achimspok » Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:29 am


These unusable "captures" were presented as "High resolution" evidence in the Moussaoui trail.

The surveillance video was never captured by a usual electronic video capture device. Apparently the stills are photographs from a TV tube screen because a captured image doesn't show the mask of the tube and the gaps between the video lines. (Compare the captured stills from the Pentagon surveillance tapes or the Gas Station or Walmart or... )

Obviously the second time stamp was later inserted in the picture. Since the Portland stills where used as prosecution evidence in a death penalty trail both facts (no proper capture + inserted time stamp) are damage to the evidence. Furthermore the video itself is the evidence but was neither presented nor captured in the usual way.
The benefits of a TV tube matrix are pretty obvious.
Where is the original video? ...without the jumping time stamp? Since it was in every new paper it seems to be impossible that the video is classified. Where is it?
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