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Forces on a loaded beam

Other 9/11 topics of a technical nature.

Forces on a loaded beam

Postby Heiwa » Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:30 am

Imagine a beam that is 11 m long supported at ends A and C with a third support B 1 m from C.
The beam is uniformly loaded 1 ton/m thus total load on beam is 11 tons.
What are the reaction forces (loads) at A, B and C?
Answer: A 5 tons, B 5.5 tons and C 0.5 tons.
Now remove support B. What are then the reaction forces (loads) at A and C?
Answer: A 5.5 tons, C 5.5 tons.
Observations: By removing support B the reaction forces increase 10% at A and 1100% at C.

Suggestion: Replace beam by WTC floor truss and adjust length/load, A is wall, B is 1000 row CC and C is 900 row CC and draw your own conclusions.
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