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Measurement of the floring of explosions

Topics of a general nature, not specific to a timeline.

Measurement of the floring of explosions

Postby mehmeti » Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:40 pm

mehmeti wrote:I must measure the distance between the explosions in that video

But I need some time for that. May be anyone could do that?

I have got no video treatment software. The first visible explosion distance, at 14 second, is about 3 floors (too much bigger than 1 floor), but the following explosions are closer each to other, and that distance looks like 1 floor.

The measurement of the successive floor distance at the initiation of WTC2 collapse is about 3 floor. This is enough precise and could be found on slide 51 of my power point.

Could the explosions happen every 3 floors in the upper floors and in the lower floors became on each floor? May be. But what’s the reason to make in such manner?

May be the bigger thickness of the core columns in the lower floors required to act in two steps :
1- Remove all horizontal and diagonal connections of the core columns.
2- Destroy the CC at their welded junctions.

Such mixed action could explain some failures in the explosions; some explosives moved or damaged by the frist explosion. And that's why some parts of the core columns remained erected during the collapse?
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