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An Engineering Perspective of the Collapse of WTC-I

Analysis, observations and theory related to initiation.

An Engineering Perspective of the Collapse of WTC-I

Postby uglypig » Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:48 am ... ective.pdf

For both the intact and plausible compromised core states considered, it is estimated that a core
collapse mechanism could have been initiated in WTC-I if the tower core column temperatures
were elevated to approximately 700
C. As the aircraft debris went through several stories in the
tower, much of the thermal insulation on the core columns would have been scoured off. Under
such conditions, the ensuing fire would be sufficient to cause instability and initiate collapse.
From an engineering perspective, impact damage to the core structure had a negligible effect on
the critical thermal load required to initiate collapse in the core structure.

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